In High School, there have been many new implementations, actions, and strategies from the different areas with the purpose to reach the integral formation of the students and future performance in a society that each day demands more commitment, competiveness, and requirements in all aspects.

This has contributed to students that are more conscious with appropriate discipline and good academic formation as a fundamental avenue to reach their established goals inside the academic process of the institution. Students who complete and achieve their established commitments.

Likewise, this team has worked with much enthusiasm to create a sense of belonging to the school, developing an academic environment that is largely different in comparison with years before.

The office of School Orientation from the High School section contributes to this work.  This office personally attends to disciplinary, academic, and emotional problems, as well as the value Project and other various activities done by the homerooms.

For 10th and 11th graders, this office is at the front of the Professional Orientation activities to give the students a chance to self-reflect on their futures and be better prepared for the careers of their choice.

The high school team has continued to work in improving the Saber 11 exams. We have continued to implement intensive hours and simulation tests for grade 11 in order to continue being one of the top level schools in the country. These extra classes and practices take place during the regular school day, as well as alternate Saturdays.

High school unconditionally supports the completion of activities given by distinct areas in which we can re-enforce learning in a different way. For example:

  • Model United Nations: students from high school display a high academic level of debate, discipline, commitment, and self-control during the committees. Students also spend a lot of time preparing for the academic aspect with the use of every necessary cognitive ability.
  • The elections of School Spoke Person, Student Council and Class Representative that contribute to the formation of values and civic responsibility by way of popular vote.
  • The assembly of the Woman Bilinguista on the International Day of Woman in which all of high school is involved.
  • The implementation of an ever-changing mural where student have the opportunity to get to know all the literary works they have previously done in Castellano.
  • Football competitions between small teams each school day with the objective that the students use all their energy, and have a healthy and productive recreational time.
  • Convivencias which contribute to the academic process. This activity’s objective is to enhance the moral and spiritual formation of the students, helping to mold them so that they will be examples in our society.
  • The Math Rally: which involves the students using math from all levels of difficulty to create projects and enjoy others’ projects.
  • Francofonia: a space where students demonstrate an advanced level of their third language of French.
  • Summer camps, in which the students live in the English language by attending classes with a high level of work and language enrichment and sharing it with students from various nationalities.